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Dangers Of Anabolic Steroids Women

The Dangerous Side Effects of Steroids in Women

Anabolic steroids are synthesized in laboratories using androgen, called anabolic androgen steroids. Usually, testosterone is used to make this steroid.

This androgen is a male sex hormone, but synthetic androgens are also used to make steroids. They were developed as medicines to cure diseases, but now they are used to grow muscles, fat, and appetite.

Steroids are also used to cure diseases like AIDS and Cancer. These steroids are therapeutic drugs that help people suffering from diseases. However, it is mostly consumed by women nowadays, which causes health risks at a higher rate. To gain muscle fat, they take a higher quantity of it and then suffer badly. As a result, there are higher chances of body damage.

Using anabolic steroids over a long period can cause many side effects on a woman’s body. It can be proved a dangerous sign to women when the side effects are spread in the body at a higher frequency. The teen girls are also seen using steroids while doing exercises.

How to use steroids?

These steroids can be used by injections, pills, liquid, powder, capsules, etc. Directly injected steroids affect less than those taken orally. Women who want to increase their muscles fast consume more than ten times more than those given by doctors or dieticians. They don’t even think about the future and their health.

To get stronger, they have less quantity at first, then slowly increase the quantity, which is what can have side effects. Many women mix two or more types of steroids and take higher doses to get good results. Which eventually gives negative results.

There are many other methods which are not been proven right even once till now. Doctors can’t give medications to reverse the results because it doesn’t work.

Side effects of taking steroids:

  • In women, several things get affected very early. The first thing is the coming of pimples on the face. It becomes severe when they may leave scars.
  • Mood changes are caused due to high dosage of steroids taken. Suddenly women anger and then happy. These are some strange moments by which they have to suffer the situation they are in.
  • It inhibits growth hormone in teen women who took higher quantities of steroids before adolescence. This age group is the growing age of women, which is drastically affected by taking supplements.
  • By injecting steroids, HIV, hepatitis, etc., dangerous diseases can be caused.

Specific effects in women:

Unwanted hair growth can be seen on the face or on many body parts where there is no hair growth. It is very difficult to remove that hair from the body parts. Pain can be felt inside the body parts due to hormone imbalance. Disorder in the menstrual cycle causes very difficult situations for women. These disturbances cause bloating, mood swings, anovulation, and amenorrhea. etc., by which women have to suffer a lot.

Many problems in the fetuses of women are caused due to taking excessive amounts of steroids. This may result in irreversible problems. Even doctors can’t help with this. They have no medication to cure these problems. Higher quantities of anabolic steroids can be proved very dangerous for women.

It is like women are keeping fish out of water means after knowing the facts, they want to make things difficult for themselves.

Psychiatric problems can also be seen in women after taking anabolic steroids. They get irritated, angry, Cognitive impatient, etc.

If they stop taking steroids for some time, then in that time also these problems can be seen. When they take steroids by any means, it goes into different organs. It reacts differently in every organ. The aftermaths are diseases that we get to know about later.

Steroids are made for giving therapy to patients suffering from incurable diseases, so they get a chance to feel relaxed. But instead, they started taking to gain muscle strength and mass in their body. It causes effects that sometimes can’t be figured by high-ranked doctors worldwide.

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